Wall of Shame:
Business Name Total 30.06 Entries
Shell 70
Chevron 67
Regional Finance 50
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Russell Jones
Founder, Web and Mobile API Development

Russell is a graduate of Sam Houston State University, with a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems. He's a High Performance Computing specialist, and enjoys creating and working on web applications in his free time.

He created this website after noticing that Texas CHL holders lacked a centralized location for reporting and retrieving businesses and other facilities that deny our right to defend both ourselves and our families from criminals; the same criminals that by definition don't care what the laws say. The CHL community gave a wonderful response to the website, making it what it is today by submitting thousands of entries and comments about businesses restricting our right to self defense all across Texas.

Arthur Garza
iOS Development

Arthur is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a concentration in Software Engineering. He is currently enrolled at Colorado State University in pursuit of a Master's degree in Computer Science and is employed as a Software Developer for the iOS platform.

Arthur had this to say: "I had been looking into ideas for developing iOS apps for a while, but couldn't find anything I thought was worthwhile. At the same time, I was new to concealed carry and wanted to know if there was a resource somewhere online that will show me where I couldn't carry. That's when I stumbled upon Texas3006.com and loved the concept! I quickly realized that the website did not have an accompanying iOS app and I thought,"Man, wouldn't it be great to have all of these resources in an app on my phone that is enabled with GPS technology?" I emailed Russell, the webmaster, and after a couple of emails, finally convinced him to let me work with him!"

Arthur started development on Texas3006 for iPhone in June of 2015 and released v1.0 of the app to the Appstore on January 14, 2016. The app is written in Swift, utilizing XCode 7 and uses many great open-source plugins such as Alamofire Networking, SlackTextViewController and MBProgressHUD.

Ruben Macias
Android Development

Ruben Macias is a professional software engineering consultant that specializes in the Microsoft .NET Framework. He has over 13 years experience in building a variety of applications including desktop apps, web apps, and web services. He has designed and written applications and systems for companies in different industries including digital image processing, manufacturing, retail, and insurance.

Though Ruben has a versatile technology background, he recently found his "calling" in building mobile apps for both Android and iOS. For the past several years, Ruben has been exclusively building internal mobile app for enterprise companies, and for consumer/retail companies. He has won numerous awards from the consulting company he is employed with for the work he has done. He decided to join the Texas3006.com team because he saw an opportunity to combine two of his passions - mobile app development, and the right to self defense.

Keith B.
Content Moderation

Since retiring in 2015 after over 36 years in the Telecommunications industry, Keith has been busy teaching Concealed Carry courses, working as a handyman doing home repairs, flying his hot air balloon and singing and playing with a bluegrass band. His passion for shooting and the shooting sports started at age 5 and over 50 years later he is still dedicated to teaching others how to shoot and be safe with firearms. He serves as a moderator for both Texas3006.com and TexasCHLForum.com.

Chris D.
Content Moderation

As his screen-name (Vol_Texan) suggests, Chris is a native of east Tennessee. He is a former Cavalry platoon leader and also spent four years as a reserve deputy for the local sheriff's office in Tennessee before moving to Texas in early 1993. He is a graduate of Park University with a bachelor's degree in Management & Management Information Systems. He works as a project management professional in the energy industry in Houston, TX.

He and his wife both have their LTC. His daughter started shooting at age 4, and by age 6 she was a common fixture at several of her favorite shooting ranges around west Houston.

Chris stumbled across the Texas3006.com site around 2012, and was impressed with Russell's idea to crowd-source sign info so concealed carriers in Texas would be able to carry and spend responsibly. He joined the Texas3006.com team in 2016 and looks forward to the day when the site becomes obsolete (because then 30.06/30.07 signs no longer have the weight of law in Texas!)

John D.
Content Moderation

John is a graduate of Pan American University (now UT-RGV) with a bachelor's degree in History and a minor in Geology. He has been employed by the McAllen Public Library System since 1978 and has specialized in library technology systems administration since 1985. This involved arcana like writing production programs in COBOL, tweaking Cisco router configs, crawling through ceilings installing CAT5 cable, and torturing innocent databases with SQL commands to name a few, all on hardware platforms many of which now are only seen in computer museums!

When not at work, at the gun range, or prospecting for .06/.07/51% signs he is often found mountain biking or road cycling.